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ListPro - Windows PC (desktop), v5.1
ListPro - Windows PC (desktop), v5.1

ListPro - Windows PC (desktop), v5.1

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Part Number:LP30DTO
ListPro® is your blueprint for the perfect list. From simple shopping lists, to customized lists for your own specific needs, ListPro has you covered.

Build a Fully Customized List Library: If a simple checklist won't suit your needs, don't worry! ListPro can handle whatever you throw at it, from a quick to-do list to a complex micro-database, and everything in between.

Make Lists That Perfectly Fit Your Needs: You want a list with checkboxes, dates, and calculated columns, to name a few? ListPro can do that. You need outlining, indenting, and highlighting in your list? It's all at your fingertips. ListPro can be customized almost any way you can imagine.

Create Your Lists in a Few Simple Steps: List Portals make it easier than ever to create some of the most popular types of lists. Each portal is geared toward a specific type of list making experience, with templates, controls, and features specially selected for lists of a particular type.

And with the optional iPhone version, you can sync your lists between your iPhone or iPod touch and ListPro on your Windows PC.

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